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Meet Walter Burke
Owner of Burke's Excavating

Hello, I’m Walter Burke, Cape Cod native, owner, and founder of Burke’s Excavating. For over 45 years, I’ve dedicated my life to the construction industry. I began my career at the age of 18, when I was hired at a small construction company in Maine. While there, I studiously learned everything I could about the construction business; from road work and gravel pits, to site work, and eventually operations. Upon returning to Massachusetts, I founded Burke’s Excavating, which has continued to serve the residents of Cape Cape, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Plymouth County for over 30 years. Together with my team of dedicated sitework professionals, Burke’s Excavating has completed thousands of jobs, both residential and commercial. Whether you're installing a small backyard septic system, or beginning a full-scale land development project, Burke’s Excavating is ready, willing, and able to take care of the full scope of your project's needs.

Our Services
Our services

Residential & Commercial Excavation Services

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Foundation & Pool Excavation

When excavating for a foundation or pool, Burke’s Excavating works closely with engineers and surveyors to verify everything is as it should be. Proper evaluation of soil, elevation, and backfill materials is crucial to ensure you won’t run into problems in the future.

Septic System Installation (Title 5)

Burke’s Excavating has installed hundreds of septic systems all over Cape Cod. Before final inspection, we confirm inlet and outlet grades, as well as proper pitches connecting the house, tank, D-Box, and leaching chambers. After, any risers, rings and covers will be installed followed by backfilling the newly installed system.

Demolition Services

Need an structure removed? Maybe an old driveway or Parking lot? Perhaps an old pool or concrete patio? Burke's is equipped to tear down existing residential & commercial structures, making way for re-building or backfilling. It doesn't matter if it's wood, brick, or concrete removal, if it's got to go, we're equipped to get the job done.

Lot Clearing Services

Before excavation can occur, the proper removal of trees, stumps, brush, and woods loam must be completed. This is to ensure there Is room for the upcoming structure, construction materials, backfill, and ample area for workers to park their equipment. A properly cleared lot gives you peace of mind moving forward.

Road & Driveway

If you're looking to create a driveway, road, or parking lot on residential or commercial property, we're here from A-Z. Our process includes site preparation, backfilling, recompacting, and rock / seashell / road bond gravel / or paved finishing. Reach out to us for a no-contract quote.

Drainage, Utility Work, & Water Mains

Utility excavation is a process that takes extra caution, as it is easy to damage existing utilities with heavy equipment. Burke's has the equipment and experience to safely excavate for new or pre-existing drainage and utilities, ensuring previous work does not require repair.

Yard Prep, Loaming, & Seeding

Thinking of having a yard or field expanded, flattened, ripped up and seeded, we're equipped to do the job from start to finish. We can remove trees, grade the land, and loam. We'll even finish off your project with sod or seeding. Whatever you can imagine for your space, we'll make it happen.

Trucking & Hauling

Burke's is available for any large hauling needs you may have, including bringing materials from one site to another. Thanks to the size of our trucks, we can save you time by transporting a large volume of material at once.


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“The project was completed on time, and the result was exceptional”
John Carter
Osterville, MA
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Burke's Excavating is a trusted partner of contractors and homeowners on the Cape & Islands, and in Plymouth County. We have the experience, equipment, and attitude to complete your job as planned, every time.

Over 30 years of experience
1,000+ successfully executed projects
Licensed, bonded, & insured
Exceptional work quality
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Past Projects

Past Projects We've Worked On

Cotuit Colonial

In 2017, Burke's Excavating began work on the site of this future Cotuit Colonial. Beginning with demolition, we removed the previous 5,000 square foot structure, making way for the foundation of the new 7,500 square foot home in its place. Afterwards, we provided excavation to install an infinity pool, tennis court, and finished yard. Some of the work we completed on this job is listed as follows:

  • Removed trees & graded property
  • Prepared installation of a 20x40ft infinity pool
  • Installation of a 750ft long driveway with courtyard
  • Installation of a H20 12-chamber septic system
  • Installed a 120x60ft tennis court
  • Placed 60,000 Sq Ft. of finish loam for lawn
Site Preparation & Foundation Excavation

Cummaquid Golf Course Club House

In 2014, Cummaquid golf Course was looking to update their country club. Shortly after the project was announced, Burke’s Excavating  stepped into the picture to provide the club the experience they needed. After demolishing the old clubhouse, we began work by digging the foundation for the new 14,200 square foot clubhouse. Extensive sitework was conducted during the duration of this project, with some of this work as follows:

  • Removed 6,000 yards of material
  • Installation of new water main and hydrants
  • Installation of a new 22,000-gallon septic tank and a 25,000 Sq Ft. Presby leaching system
  • Significant granite curbing installation
  • Graded and paved the entirety of the properties parking lot and connecting roads
Demolition, Excavation, & Trenching
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